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Hostinato attentive to the evolution of e-commerce platforms, develops and manages online stores for the sale of the most various products.

From customers in the province of Milan or Varese, Hostinato agency specializing in e-commerce, also handles clients all over the Italian territory, breaking down the barriers, without limits of location-creating successful projects.

We are also available for the following services related to the activities of online sale:

  • SEO Audit or consultancy and report on the issues of your e-commerce in the eyes of search engines;
  • Advice on the management tree of the navigation of the categories;
  • Image enhancement and performance shop online;
  • Review data and adaptation of e-commerce on google analytics for an in-depth understanding of traffic data;
  • Creating and loading complete e-commerce;
  • Advice on methods of synchronization of e-commerce towards software for the management of the warehouse;
  • Management and updates;
  • Logistics management through partnerships with the best national and international carriers;
  • Managing marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay;
  • Management and optimization of advertising campaigns and adwords remarketing;
  • Management and advice through plans, editorial and social media;
  • Consulting and management feedback;
  • Management and consulting of the comparators of the price.

We remain available for any clarification regarding online shops.

Take a look at our portfolio of clients in e-commerce.

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