Welcome to the world of Divissima, an Italian company founded in 2008 leader in the creation of swimwear, sport line, beachwear line, cocktail line, products entirely in Italy and show with creativity and high quality.

Over the years, thanks to its passion, the company has managed to carve out a loyal clientele distributed in 94 areas worldwide.

The success of the brand is primarily attributable to the passion with which the style department seeks raw materials exclusively Made in Italy to create its collections of: Bikini, Mini Bikini, and much more, secondly because the production is made with skilful hands from Italian-only laboratories, which consist of a thirty-year experience in the production, not least, the uniqueness of wearing almost exclusive items that enhance all female bodies, regardless of size and age.


Today's society has led to the globalization of fashion brands, which has consequently flattened the creativity that each nation.

By purchasing a Divissima garment, you will have the pleasure of wearing products created with originality, wisdom and Italian style, emblem of elegance in the world.


The strength of the Divissima Brand is its company policy:

  • Quality: Made in Italy
  • Transparency of service: Satisfied or Reimbursed
  • Respect for the environment and society: The waste of the fabrics are recycled and given away to the parishes to make items for sale and the proceeds go to charity
  • Attention to the customer: We respond to every single need of the customer either by email or by telephone
  • Consistency between style and product: We are what we do, we create sensual products made by Italian labor