Make money with the affiliate program Divissima

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How does the affiliate program work?

Our affiliate program is free, easy and profitable.
By joining the affiliate or partner program, you will receive banners and text links with a personal code. When a visitor place an order at Divissima through this link on your site, you earn a commission.
Divissima offers you everything you need: banners, text links and product catalogue.
You can also use our links or banner in your newsletters or just in the footer of your e-mails!

How to join affiliate program Divissima?

By clicking here you go directly to the registration page on the affiliate network Webgains.
By registering you will have several tools available to publish the products of Divissima on your Website like:

in different sizes, you can choose the most suitable banner for your site

Text Links:
you can use simple text links to invite your visitors to visit our site and buy our products, here are a few examples:
   - Sign up to - receive 5 € discount!
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Data Feed:
directly available and easy to integrate into your site, allows you to have the complete catalogue of Divissima always up to date on your site

Publisher Support Divissima

Divissima is always available for technical and graphical assistance and advice.
For problems or concerns contact: :